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September 12 2012

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August 28 2012

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it IS a trap!
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July 30 2012

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Das Universelle Verblödungssystem - YouTube
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July 27 2012

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The Gift Economy and the Commons - YouTube

This is a conversation between International Economist, James Quilligan and Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics recorded at Immediacy Studio in Media, PA on June 27, 2012.

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July 17 2012

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*Safely Back* 
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Ich mag mich nicht gern mit der Kirche auseinandersetzen; es hat ja keinen Sinn, mit einer Anschauungsweise zu diskutieren, die sich strafrechtlich hat schützen lassen
— Kurt Tucholsky
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June 30 2012

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June 29 2012

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Dead can dance
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Jerry Coyne on the incompatibility of science and religion.
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June 26 2012

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